Guitar awaiting signatures at Bismarck Event Center

The 2017 Brave the Shave auction had barely ended when the dad of one of our honorees came up with an idea for next year’s event.

Jason Coffey is the dad of Kali Grace, a forever three-year-old angel who got her wings in May of 2014. In memory of Kali, the Coffey family already organizes a very successful holiday toy drive for children who have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Because Brave the Shave is so near and dear to his heart, Jason said he wanted to get more involved with it. Seeing the success of the autographed items up for bids in this year’s online auction gave him an idea.

“The Bismarck Event Center has musical acts performing there all the time, and I thought if we had something there the acts could sign when they come to perform, we could auction it off at next year’s event,” Jason says. “When I called the Event Center and asked if that was soBTSguitar.jpgmething they’d be interested in helping us with, they said they would be.”

Things just fell into place from there. Jacobsen Music was kind enough to donate an acoustic guitar, which the Event Center staff will place on a stand (along with information about Brave the Shave), in the dressing room the night of the concerts. The acts’ managers will point the guitar out to the performers, and they will be encouraged to sign it. The guitar was just recently dropped off at the Event Center, and is currently awaiting its first signature.

Jason says he is excited about this opportunity to help, and can’t wait to see how many signatures it will get. “Doing this for Brave the Shave not only honors Kali’s memory, but also helps me teach my other two children the value of helping others, especially when they’re going through a hard time. Doing things for others gives us strength and a purpose,” he adds. “It helps remind us of all the good things Kali brought us. It’s what keeps us going.”

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